What to bring on your trip

Florida is a tough climate especially during our summer months. Here are a few tips to making your fishing trip a safe an memorable experience. Bring the following items on your trip:

1. Sunscreen.
2. Long sleeve sun shirt.
3. Hat.
4. Face covering, i.g., buff.
5. In cold weather dress in layers.
6. Cover your feet (sunburned feet are the worst).
7. Sunglasses.
8. Hydrate the day before your trip with plenty of water. 
9. Snacks for you and your party.(Flats Snookin provides plenty of water for you and your party as well as cooler)
10. A cooler in your vehicle with ice if you plan on harvesting any fish or scallops. 
11. Towels or Jacket. 
12. Wear Water proof/Water resistant clothes